An international audience

Every now and then WordPress messes around with its stats page, offering me the opportunity to find interesting trends among my not-so-large audience.

This time I discovered that the “visits by Country” page is now divided by year, allowing me to easily look at how the different audiences are playing up over time.

My top 5 countries in terms of visits have remained stable over these four years: around 30% of my traffic comes from the U.S., but my home country is contributing less and less, and this year has dropped to #4, not because the UK and Germany have grown so much (in fact they haven’t) but because Italian traffic has dropped off a cliff.

2015 03 22 blog internationalization (top 5)

In fact, when one looks at the next 12 countries, India is poised to break in the top 5, maybe even this year, and Switzerland is also growing nicely.

Totally unclear why Australian visitors are growing so much as I hardly know anyone there and I have never been down under

2015 03 22 blog internationalization (next 12)


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