New Milk

A few years back I spoke at the Global Dairy Congress event in Oslo: it was my chance to get closer to an industry segment I never knew much other than as a consumer.


Today I read this contribution by Nancy Kruse on LinkedIn about Coca-Cola’s entry in the dairy segment. In her own words:

Coca-Cola is not exactly synonymous of good-for-your-health potables

which carefully and diplomatically sums it up.

Our family is a large consumer of dairy products and among the advantages of our move to the countryside a few years ago, we now consume milk and cheese sourced from two farms within bicycle distance from our own house. In this, I am following my uncle Seba’s advice “to eat what the the earth gives us” (he’s a an ambassador for steinerian produce growing, and a bit of a nutcase, but in a very positive sense).

So, although I have no bad feelings about Coke’s brand, I think I will stick to milk so fresh I must boil it before drinking.


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