Blogging is becoming difficult.

Part of this is because I am professionally getting more and more involved with a Client that’s demanding an ever increasing share of my time, but with less & less freedom to discuss what I am up to. This may change in the near future if the scope of my activity becomes available for public consumption, but not at the moment.

Secondly, I am finding difficult to stay away from discussing politics: in the context of my role as Co-Chairman of the World Communications Forum, I am exposed to discussions where the role of communications in modern politics is front and center: what happens when the distinction between journalism and communications becomes more porous than it was before? What happens when every war is fought on the Internet before (and some time, luckily, instead) than in the field?

Yesterday I was having dinner with some friends and at coffee time, their 26yo daughter asked me: “You go there often, and speak to a lot of people both in Russia and Ukraine. In your opinion, who’s right?”. I really wanted to give this kid my best advice to help her understand a very complex situation spanning economic policy, oil prices and long-standing ethnic rivalries; after 30 minutes of ranting I had the impression I had left her more confused than she was to start with, even though she claimed the opposite, out of kindness, no doubt.

That’s a huge responsibility which I don’t know if I am prepared to bear: one thing is voicing my opinions on a platform that nobody pays attention to, but the responsibility for the opinions of even a single youngster is an entirely different ball game.

The reality is that, whether I like it or not, my professional persona is diverging from that of a never-to-worry specialty consultant into one of someone who must take responsibility for things, something for which I am not surprised: I was never too good at planning my future, which instead changed me by happening.


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