Arab PR Conference

Truly an awesome experience: learned so much and met such great people.

As usual, any event like this makes me want to learn more and know more about a part of the world that I don’t really know, despite several occasional business trips.

The whole debate on East vs. West and how to foster communications while preserving diversity was incredibly rich and – literally – there was no real distinction between speakers and audience !

And I also like the way it morphed from East / West to North / South, we may need a compass for the next iteration.

The organizers really pulled off a hat trick despite the visa adversities and I wish them the greatest success for all next iterations; well done Rania and the the whole team.

Screen Shot 2014-11-05 at 11.33.33
(photo courtesy of Yana)

I also earned myself an invitation to Cairo from Loula and her colleagues at Rada PR to which I very much look forward.

P.S. like anyone who regularly attends conferences and meets new people, I sorely feel the pain for the disappearance of Bump (Google why did you do this ?) Has anyone found a good replacement for such a basic yet useful service like exchanging contact info?

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