A question for fellow travelers:

I use – as you all do – online booking services to book my flights.

Lately, I felt a growing disappointment with the format, clarity and usability of the flight confirmations email they send and decided I would cease to use those who don’t do a good job of giving me a useful document: we all have experienced being late for a flight, so losing precious seconds to fish the required information to check in when in a hurry can really be a drag.

So far I have discarded eDreams (for not stating clearly the flight number) and Expedia (for a messy format and for the absence of a “Add to your calendar” button”.

Who are you using?

Are their flight confirmation clear/usable?

Not to sound too negative, I have attempted to design a form that, IMHO, is the perfect flight confirmation, feel free to use it; in the meanwhile, I will keep changing service until I find someone who approximates this well enoughperfect booking form


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