My LinkedIn connection policy

Every now and then, I need to explain my connection policy on LinkedIn. Specifically, I am writing this to respond to one person (you know who you are) who repeatedly asked to connect3d badge linkedin with me and seems to resent my response.

I DO NOT connect with people I haven’t met IRL.

I know that many other members  on LinkedIn behave differently, and that’s quite all right with me, but I have chosen to use LI as the online reflection of my business contacts. OTOH, I am a fairly approachable person and travel extensively posting publicly about such travels, so I encourage anybody who thinks they may have any purpose whatsoever to connect the old fashioned way, over a coffee.

For the benefit of the over 350 people who await for me to connect, I would like here to apologize for not responding personally to each connection request I do not accept. In fact I only do so when someone asks me more than once, explaining the above policy, which for the vast majority of these people makes perfect sense. Occasionally someone seems to think that THEIR way of using LinkedIn is THE RIGHT way, while I think that there is no RIGHT way, but simply personal choices.

I use my LinkedIn network quite extensively for business purposes, and I wish I was more able to consider it truly an asset of mine, to the point I wrote a book about it, but sadly I cannot change the status of things right now. I also wish there were more, more flexible search options but again – as my good friend Nicola would say – it is as it is.

cup of coffeeIt is obviously not my intention to play hard-to-get (which would be outright silly for someone who relies on word-of-mouth to peddle consultancy for a living), and I have no intention to belittle those I do not connect with right away: quite the opposite: I would like to meet these people, learn about what they do and discover new, interesting things we can do together.

But, first, some coffee!!!

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