A future model for journalism

This post is a follow up to another I did recently who stirred a little bit of debate.

I would like to look at an alternative model who would preserve the much-needed values of quality news reporting, but be financially viable and stable.

Let’s imagine a newsproduct which:

  • is online only (no paper)
  • has no offices, meets online
  • published continuously 24/7, similar to the CNN continuous news model
  • authors apply all the best practices of quality journalism, such as fact-checking, second source, separation between facts and opinions
  • authors are compensated at market rates, with an incentive proportional to the “activity” of each of their published articles (reads, comments, shares, likes, etc.)
  • articles are rated and commented (as in most online papers) and the rating determines the front page
  • every major story is offered with at least two opposing views
  • offers both national columns and very local columns
  • allows for a granular subscription model, i.e. my subscription price varies as a function of the columns (=RSS feeds) I subscribe to
  • receives no government subsidies
  • accepts no advertising

Is this possible? Has it been tried before somewhere?

What is the breakeven point for such a product assuming a monthly ARPU of around 30 euros?

I definitely need the help of people in the newspaper industry, here…


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