Arrogant prick

Edward Luttwak on Radio24 (national financial news) this morning. By God, what an arrogant prick is he!

“We never deal with terrorists, paying ransoms only encourages them to kidnap more people”

So right. In fact no US or British citizens are ever kidnapped. Oh sorry, they are, but the difference is that their life is exchanged for hours of free advertisement on every news channel in the world when they get beheaded. You ARE paying a ransom, asshole, and a much richer and more valuable one. Oh, and the poor devil dies, too!

“Volunteer workers should stay in their countries which are plenty needy of their help”

Of course, mr. Big Shot Military Strategist. The last thing you want is people actually watching what goes on, there and then don’t you? The last thing you want is people talking to people. That sort of screws up the propaganda machine you so carefully put out to cover the fact that, in most cases, today’s terrorist is yesterday freedom fighter you armed, trained and funded.

Is this thinking truly representative of the U.S. view of these troubled areas?


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