Looking for trouble

I have too many friends who feel passionately on both sides of the Gaza conflict to ignore that quite a few will not like what I say. But the drama is unfolding, and pretending not to see it is equally hypocritical.

As someone will know, I am on the record saying that

Dialogue is always the other solution

but I have found that dialogue is seriously hampered by strata of “we did this because you did that”. You cannot dialogue your way out of a conflict.

Dialogue needs to happen on something else. Even if we bitterly disagree on politics, we can talk about food or business or movies or art or literature or music… the main purpose being the establishment of how much the other person is, after all, just another human being. As Sting once said:

We share the same biology
Regardless of ideology
What might save us, me and you
Is if the Russians love their children too

And that is exactly what the warmongers on both side want to avoid: if the great masquerade of the “other” as a monster, as an inhuman blood-thirsty savage blindly seeking my destruction falls then the fanatics ready to immolate themselves in name of a Holy War will be fewer and, no army, no war.enemy mine

In the 1985 movie “Enemy mine” a human space soldier is stranded together with his alien opponent on a small planet for a long before rescuers come. The two dutifully and fervently hate each other, blinded by their respective propagandas, but the common need to survive slowly brings them together until…

The pivotal moment in the movie is right at the beginning: the shipwreck of both soldiers cuts them off from the flow of propaganda they receive from HQ: they stop thinking with the warmongers’ heads and start thinking with their own.

So is the Rest of the World intervention in Gaza necessary?


But its objective should be of separating the Zionist from the Jews and Hamas from the Arabs because I believe Jews and Arabs can exist without being at war to each other. Zionists and Hamas cannot: they are the reason the other exists.

Now separating Jews from Zionists and Arabs from Hamas will not be easy, and the risk of replacing Hamas with ISIS or Bibi with someone even more extreme is a very real one. But I have been advocating suspension of sovereignty for EU countries (for different reasons) for a long time, so I feel justified in advocating the same for Palestine and Israel.


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