Most Obnoxious Social Media Tricks

Social Media is not rocket science. Once you get over the unfamiliarity, there is nothing truly mysterious about it.

Creative types have taken a little time to study the strange new beast, but once they finished the dissection, they found humans inside and therefore pulled out their true-and-tested bag of tricks.

One thing Social Media has, however, is memory.

Everything is written down and won’t go away, no matter how hard you try; in traditional marketing when something clicks you can reiterate ad libitum, who will notice? Who will remember?

Not so in Social Media: when a trick works, marketers tend to overuse it, turning it into a true nuisance for everybody. So here is my list of the

Most Obnoxious Social Media Tricks

It’s a very useful list, because now when somebody offers one of these in your campaign meeting, you know you are being served yesterday’s pizza.

  1. “Share to view”  – promoted by some vague promise of extraordinariety, they require a Share to view, in the idea being to force a virality effect. Happy to claim I NEVER shared one in my whole life. And I never will.
  2. “You will not believe what happened next” – possibly supported by saucy frames that may or may not belong to the video. This is particularly dumb-headed, as the text is verbatim in each case: I could build a Python script to remove them from my stream (if I knew what a Python script is, that is)
  3. Stoopid quizzes – be it “Which city should you be living in?” or “What color are you?” or “Which closet gay cartoon character are you?”. They’re all equally despicable (Sorry, I made up that last one, but this is a quiz I would take)
  4. Vapid quotes – being quotable is an art, but not everyone is Oscar Wilde and, as a result, Social Media regurgitate with inane platitudes Mark Twain may have said when  he was constipated.
  5. “Keep calm and…” – do I need to add anything?
  6. Dumb teasers like “This brought tears to my eyes…” or “I never knew a dog / cat / hamster / elephant / shark could do this…”
  7. Gene Wilder/Willy Wonka memes. Is there anything on this wonderful blue planet that is LESS creative than a WW meme?
  8. Math quizzes any 7yo with half a brain should be able to solve.

Have yours to add?

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