For Friends, not for Brands!

2014 06 28 draft coverA little over a year after my first book, “The Digital Self Manifesto” I have today officially completed the editing of my next work, “For Friends, not for Brands!”. Given the fact I have been a lazy sod, it’s likely to come out in september, which gives me a little time to build expectations  around it (yeah, that and the fact that Sepp Blatter asked me not to take attention away from the World Cup Finals).

So what is this book about?

Well, first of all, it is a true book, as opposed to a simple essay like TDSM was; this is what made editing so excruciatingly slow.

Its objective is to describe in detail how my Digital & Social Media methodology works, how you break it down, what are the deliverables and what kind of people you need to put it in practice. In other words, read this book and you don’t need to hire me for your project (which speaks volumes about my business shrewdiness I guess).

There are a ton of case studies, of course, and ready-to-use resource allocation tables, job descriptions and other goodies. It was meant to be a practical manual rather than a theoretical dissertation, and I hope I have achieved this.

No idea of what the selling price will be, but as previously, it will be available on every major ebookstore on the planet.

I will be posting teasers and small excerpts which you can grab either here or on Twitter under the #4Friendsnot4Brands hashtag; get your review engines humming!

2 thoughts on “For Friends, not for Brands!

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