WWDC14 letdown

Apple has peaked. All the hot air about “having the best lineup ever” and all they show at WWDC14 are some minor tweaks at OS X?

Oh look, now iCloud is almost as good as Dropbox!

Extra! The brain damaged iWork’13 is slowly getting back some of the functionality that had been raped (still not enough for me to move from iWork ’09, BTW)

Exciting, now iOs devices can do something Android has been doing for years!

Yay! 12 hours battery life. But Haswell processors have been clocked down: from 1.7GHz in mid-2012 models to 1.3 in mid-2013 now bumped up to 1.4

Meanwhile, the price of a fully featured MacBook Air has dropped almost 10% in one year. So that’s how it stays ahead of competitors: not the innovation leader, but the price leader.

Want a list of potential improvements that didn’t happen?

  • a real dock
  • more connectors
  • two external screens
  • replaceable battery
  • HDMI port
  • more RAM
  • more SSD

…and I don’t list displays because for me these huge resolutions on a diminutive 13″ screen (I don’t even consider 11″ to be a computer) are total nonsense.

Hear this noise? That’s Steve scratching the inside of his coffin…


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