Politics and Social Media

How NOT to use Social Media in political communication. Shame on politicians who think Social Media are even easier to manipulate than traditional because there are no journalists to fool.

They think the recipe is simple:

  1. Create identity
  2. Tweet or post
  3. Create a plethora of other fake IDs
  4. Retweet, like or share content to create the impression of widespread support

Except people will catch you, like I catched Lorenzo Cesa (National Secretary of now-minuscule UDC) who obviously wants to project an image of popular support – except his staff twice botched execution:

  • none of the aliases even remotely resembles a “person” – they all have IDs like “Piu_Italia”, “PerItalia”, “ListaPiuItalia”, “ListaPerItalia” etc.
  • all the retweets were made in a very short time span, making it very evident to anyone using a Social Media dashboard

Screen Shot 2014-06-02 at 20.38.01


Congratulations to mr. Cesa for making a total fool of himself and denouncing his irrelevance even more clearly.



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