Forrest truths

Of the many universal truths included in the movie “Forrest Gump” few resonate with me like the sense of relaxation associated with mowing your lawn.

Unlike many other physical exercises it is something whose results are immediately enjoyable and visible: you can see it progressing and does not require a lot of cycles, so your mind can wander, freed of the need of guiding your body and isolated from the world by the din of the engine.

You can contemplate yourself from outside think of what the stripes will look like from above, imagine new, optimized routes to cover the lawn surface going around objects like trees and bushes.

I am slowly beginning to understand the english passion for manicured lawns, not so much for the result (mine will never be an “english lawn”, too many dogs and agricultural fields around) but for the work of love that goes into its care and maintenance.


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