My Facebook Archive

As reported yesterday, I downloaded my full Facebook archive to search for a post I need to prepare my defense in a frivolous lawsuit I have been targeted with. The email you get from Facebook (after a couple of hours) includes a link, from where you download a .zip file; in the root of the expanded folder there is a file called index.htm which you open in the browser of your choice to access your full archive in a rather bare-boned, but plenty clear user interface.

Clicking on “Wall” took me to my entire history of wall posts which I was able to search to find the offending posts; total elapsed time < 30 seconds so I started poking around for what else is in this archive.

First of all the size: I have been on FB since may 28th, 2008, and this was my (rather lame) first wall post:

Screen Shot 2014-03-22 at 12.51.35

yet the full archive is only about 40 megs. True, I do not post many pictures, but still…

Another interesting section is “Friends” where I found a list of my roughly 1200 friends, but also all of my friend requests (way more than I thought, about 250, but I think it also includes whose who have been accepted) the ones I did not respond to (not very many, I am a kind soul) and the handful I banned (ditto).

Finally the “Ads” section lists the keyword associated to my profile (presumably based on my behaviour or content – and thanks God there were no embarrassments there, even though I wish I could understand keywords such as:

  • #Cyclic adenosine monophosphate
  • #Organ (anatomy)
  • #Undergarment
  • #Warhammer 40,000
  • #Red Lion, York County, Pennsylvania

Try yours, you may learn something about yourself…



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