The long road to Kyiv

As some know, I will be taking part as a speaker at the Communication on Top regional event in Kiyv, Ukraine.

Not my first time in Ukraine, but last time I was there I did not spend any time in Kyiv as the event was taking place in Yalta, which is a sea resort in the southern part of the country, on the Black Sea.

An ukrainian friend helped me a get a sense for what’s going on in that country at the moment, (and as usual it’s way more complicated than the media report) but I find it interesting that Europe is seen as a hope for fairer and more efficient government; of course even I, who always professed a strong pro-Europe stance, know that Europe has many defects and needs a lot of work to improve its ways: yet, the accession of countries like Ukraine and Turkey would have the immense benefit of breaking down stupid “blocs” (the muslim bloc, the ex-soviet bloc) which make no sense whatsoever, if they ever did.

That said, it is also for me a great opportunity to voice my most passionately contrarian opinions which do not get much hearing in Europe: for example I like throwing a marketing monkey wrench in the beautiful clockwork of ethereal concepts like Return on Experience, and I like to throw a feedback loop monkey wrench into the marketing smorgasbord of measurement for the sake of measurement which invariably gives out the alpinist answer to the question “Why should we measure this?”

(the alpinist answer – should you not know – is “Because it’s there!”)

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