The power of Social Media redux

Today I had a nice chat with a lady from ENI, my energy supplier: she wanted to know why I was so angry.

To be truthful, the situation I underlined in the Facebook post already worsened for me: the huge (EUR 4,966.22) invoice is related to gas consumption which was never invoiced to me in 2012 and, therefore, is actually due.

I take advantage of this call to open up my cahier de doléances on how difficult to read are their invoices and attract her attention to the fact that:

  • the invoice says “Paid on 23/12/2013”, which is not true
  • the invoice says it will be automatically be charged on my Bank Account which, again, is not true
  • the invoices arrives almost two year late !!!
  • in 2013, scandalously, they still need three full months (she says two, but in my case it’s three) to switch my electrical energy contract from one supplier to another
  • I have been promised to save on gas, but I am paying more than with the previous supplier (and 50% more of what they themselves charged me 9 months ago)
  • I have been promised to save on electricity and I don’t know yet (I will know once the tibetan scribe monk who’s copying my data by hand from God knows where in God knows where will have completed his task)
  • I announce that if things continue this way, I am switching again, this time to Hera

She’s exquisitely kind, endures my (slightly hysterical) outpour and promises she will take my complaints up to the appropriate units; she also asks (almost excusing herself) why did I write on FB intead of calling the Call Center; I explain I did four times, only to get to a “Our lines are busy, please call later” recorded message

The one simple FB post instead obtained the remarkable result that they called me in 48 hours, a speed for which I congratulate their monitoring service.

I also explain that I make a living out of explaining to large companies how to deal with situations like these (she did not know that: it seems the monitoring service does not include an audience profiling module, tsk! tsk! tsk!) and know perfectly well the effect such posts have on bigwigs at big companies like ENI.

To sum up: the five thousand are due and I’ll pay them, but if Facebook is a good way to get the ear of such big companies, hooray for Facebook!


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