Samsung response

I filed a support question on Sammy’s website linking this post and today they came back to me. I am sure the “we have not been contacted by the author of the post” comment (highlighted in yellow) is involuntarily funny: my post is clearly marked as authored “by giannicatalfamo” and my support request was signed “Gianni Catalfamo” but the different language may have thrown off a casual observer.

2013 12 17 risposta Samsung

Anyway, Sammy, you will be pleased to know, I am the same person and, indeed, you are looking into that one incident. Now to some more questions.

I asked:

“Why do you need model AND serial no. Isn’t the latter unique – thereby identifying the model as well?”

You answer:

(in blue): “We need the model to route to the appropriate specialist”. Do’h! Not what I asked, fella. Why TWO codes? Anyway, Forget it.

I asked:

“Have you got any suggestion to prevent this from happening again?”

You answer:

(in green) “Please use the device in compliance with the instructions manual”
(in pink) “Please only use original Samsung accessories such as batteries, USB cables, power adapters”

I need to understand this better:

Question 1

Charge the batteryI thought micro-USB charging ports were introduced EXACTLY to relieve consumers from having buy a new power adapter every time they change their phone. If this is true, by logical consequence any USB cable must be compliant with any phone (unless defective).

On this, the User Manual says:

Given the fact YOU DO NOT supply an USB cable with the product, how am I to know if an un-marked, un-branded USB cable is Samsung approved?

Question 2

Charge with a PC Data cable

The other end of the USB cable was plugged into an USB port on my (non-Samsung) computer. The battery is an original Samsung battery. This is precisely the scheme I find at page 15 of your User Manual (see left):

Now  if I put together these two extracts from the user manual I construe something like this:

If you use a non Samsung-approved USB cable to charge your Samsung phone, the battery may explode (or catch fire) and Samsung is not liable?


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