The essence of competition

My friend Jack and I have a few memories in common, one of which is a slightly offbeat one of driving right in front of the Casino in Monaco one night, with wives yelling at us and uniformed policemen chasing us away. You’re not supposed to do so unless you are a head of State or something, but it really was a fun night, and when my wife still asks “Why did you have to do this?”, our (mine and Jack’s) answer is “Why not?”.

Anyway to illustrate some point over this reminiscence he sent me a link to this exceptional interview to Ayrton Senna by Jackie Stewart which should really be study material for would be managers (enjoy the accents):

Senna is talking about his famous accident with Prost, as you can see in the images “…he opened a gap, and knowing me as he knows me, he should have known that I was going to try to overtake him”; Stewart tries to corner him about performing “a high speed entry” and having too many accidents to which Ayrton replies: “if you no longer go for a gap, you are no longer a racing driver”.

‘Nuff said!


2 thoughts on “The essence of competition

  1. You forgot to mention the part where you drive at 100 mph like a maniac throught the streets of Monaco – an experience that is always more enjoyable to the driver than to those of us sitting in a backseat.

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