Attention Mac users: DO NOT “UPGRADE” to iWork ’13

Apple’s last “upgrade” to Pages and Keynote are embarrassingly flawed. Numerous perfectly functioning features have been removed to dumb them down enough to be used on an iPad (I happen to think that using them on an iPad is a totally stupid idea to start with, but this may be just me.)Once a document written on previous versions is opened in the new it will be screwed forever, because the “Save as Pages ’09” option will not restore the damage that the opening has done to the file.

I think it’s important to alert other users, so that they DO NOT “UPGRADE”, and pressure Apple so that it makes again available for download iWork ’09 for those who would like to continue to use it.

To make this pressure visible I had a few ideas, but maybe there are others:
  1. I have created this page, please like it and share it so that others like it
  2. take a minute to write a 1-star review on the App Store
  3. if you have a blog, share this post on your blog also.

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