My India – 4 of 7

This could have been a boring transfer day, but we were lucky and instead decided to kill a couple of hours just wandering around, finding a most interesting street market sprawling a few blocks around the area where our hotel was located.

This turned out to be not that exotic for us, as it resembles very closely the street markets that you have in every italian town or village, typically once a week.

Of course, meats and fish will be better refrigerated (that is to say, refrigerated at all), both barring that (major) difference, there were many similarities: the extreme care with which vegetables are lovingly arranged to look their best, the fact that sellers with similar products tend to hang close to each other, so you will have the onion area, the potato area, the live chicken area, the fresh flowers area… 

Not much effort is made to protect against a a scorching sun, so the couple of hours spent there were quite exhausting.

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This is the official motivation for indulging in a reflexology foot massage at the airport, which we both found quite relaxing, although painful (for me) given the sorry condition of my feet bone system.

The flight to Delhi is a short hop of less than two hours, but what a difference those two hours make!

If Mumbai is hot and humid, Delhi is cool, the air is breezy and clear; it’s another 26 million people megalopolis, but the contrast could not be starker: clean roads, well-kept houses, this must be the Switzerland of India.

For our first evening out, we choose to follow the recommendation of my good friend Nitin Mantri, who I hadn’t seen in ages, and have an excellent asian fusion dinner at the Sidewok in Khan market: food is truly excellent ad, as usual, very affordable.

Close the evening at Rick’s downtown – Nitin has set up a great agency in Delhi which has grown to over a hundred people and has now offices all around the country. If you need good, professional PR there, look no further!


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