My India – 3 of 7

ABCI event in full swing; I did my bit on Digital (it has been a few months since I have done one of these, and this reminded me I must set out to complete work on “For Friends, not for Brands!” – in fact I am considering whether this book should not become part of a bigger project focused on the Transformation process brought about by Digital – will discuss this with Sean and Iain…

Between the close of the meeting and the Gala Dinner we rushed out to visit Elephanta Island, a beautiful hindu temple with seven statues of the divinities Shiva, Parvati and Ganesh in various scenes of their family life (for those – like me – not really strong on hindu deities, Shiva and Parvati are married, and Ganesh is one of their sons).

You get to this island with about 90′ of ferry and once on the destination jetty we hired one of the local guides, a nice fellow by the name of Sam who explained a lot and helped us with pictures. The statues are carved in the basalt stone of caves atop a hill you climb with 120 steps lined by souvenir and craft shops, and I must say it was really worth the time.

The Gala Event was magnificent, bombastic, glittery – they don’t call it the “Advertising Oscars of India” for nothing, and Yogesh is rightly proud of the fact they have received over 1,100 applications for the Awards.

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Unfortunately the pictures I took at the cave have very poor lightning: although flash is allowed, the phone camera’s flash is not very powerful and the basalt stone really absorbs a lot of light – I saw other people with proper cameras struggling as I much as I was.

You may wonder why I did not bring a proper camera – fact is, clever me DID bring a camera but DID NOT bring its charger; guess we’ll have to look for an electronics store at the airport tomorrow during our transfer to Delhi.


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