My India – 2 of 7

This is the first day of the ABCI ComFest.

The event itself is very interesting and also very useful for me, as I make a number of contacts that I will mine for researching the book on the skills of the future leader (BTW, I have been advised not to talk too much about books that have not yet been published, so I will stop right there – my dear reader, if you haven’t done so, yet, please buy the book that’s out)

I left poor Mirella at the hotel all day alone while I was at the conference (maybe we need to rethink that) but I am happy to report that I managed to extract some cash from a local ATM after only 5 tries.

The Digital Self Manifesto was well received by the audience, among which I had the honor to have Lord Timothy Bell, former communication adviser to mrs. Thatcher. I liked his quote “The Internet is a big sewer: every day we wear big yellow Marigold gloves to fish out some good stuff”

The day was capped by a most excellent dinner at the Cricket Club of India, the oldest in the country. For the whole evening I pretended to understand the intricate rules of cricket, but to be honest I don’t. And don’t give a rat’s ass about them.

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Tomorrow is the big day, though. I will be double duty as panelist on the session on Digital and then, the big Gala Dinner!

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