Home theater set up – updated 24/9

After a night of waiting, I got one answer from the Facebook page of Harman/Kardon, saying the wireless update function does not work at all but launching it won’t hurt the box – given the 370 is the top of the line model and all other boxes of the series do not have wireless connectivity, I wonder what’s the point of this function to begin with, but a power cycle restores the unit to its normal operation.

The intended configuration is as follows:

Screen Shot 2013-09-24 at 1.21.01 PM

I can now proceed to the speaker calibration, which goes smoothly, but a number of issues still exist:

  • the TV still does not correctly identify the AVR (1), instead seeing the BD Player that’s downstream
  • The TV says it has the AVR on HDMI2, but the cable (1) is instead connected on HDMI1 (or at least I think, the back panel of the TV is extremely difficult to access) these two turned out to be entirely my fault: I thought the AVR was connected to the HDMI1 input on the TV, while it was connected to HDMI3
  • I do not understand what is and how works Anynet+ There is a page on the manual and also an entry in the FAQ: it is a proprietary Samsung protocol for doing away with one or two remotes. Not a bad idea, but its proprietary nature makes it a silly proposition and it seems to have the undocumented side effect of turning off the audio from the AVR. Turning it off requires some menu digging.
  • the DTV antenna cable (3) is really strange: the AVR has an RCA input and three electronics stores failed to produce a coaxial-to-RCA cable – asked some clarification to H/K support – my mistake (or unclear manual) again: the AVR has NO DTV antenna input: instead the TV signals enter the TV and its audio is routed through the AVR and its speakers via the HDMI ARC function (which both the AVR 370 and my 8000-series Samsung TV support) through HDMI cable #1 – provided it is connected to HDMI port #2. I just wish I had not so quickly unhooked the TV antenna cable from the back of the TV is reconnecting it will be hell
  • The DLNA server (4) audio or video files cannot be played on the AVR – an issue I also had with the TV alone
  • Six Five remotes are driving me crazy! (Number six is for a Zone 2 set of speakers which the AVR 370 could support but I don’t have)

I am tempted to restore TV to factory settings and start all over again. THAT in itself is not trivial, probably well-hidden in the menus.

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