Goodbye, Mirtillo

MirtilloLast night we lost another pet: our little shy cat Mirtillo got run over by a car. He loved hunting and was outside every night, straying pretty far from our house and garden, so I guess it was just a question of time.

We don’t have many pictures of Mirtillo, which was easily scared and rarely stood still: when we moved from Basiglio, he became frightened by all the new faces and confusion and disappeared the very day we moved. We had to go back to the old house for a week with food and treats until Camilla was able to catch him again to the price of a ruined t-shirt.

We always put down this shyness to juvenile trauma as we rescued from our neighbor’s car engine, where he somehow had trapped himself when he was just a little kitten: Camilla – whose window then overlooked the front yard – heard his meows and warned Mike so we could extract him from the mechanical monster. He was pet number 5 at the time, and it’s sort sad to realize four of these went away in a relatively short time.

So long, Mirtillo.

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