Yessss! after weeks of editing and agonizing over the last little detail (amazing how many “last” little details there can be) it looks like the countdown to the publication of my first book “The Digital Self Manifesto” has started: from sep 14th you will be able to buy it from the ebookstore of your choice.

Now it’s time to start a little buzz campaign, and you may have noticed the first of a daily salvo of hopefully not too invasive post and tweets to promote my masterpiece. I will also promote it in all my upcoming speaking engagements.

Let’s now pretend I am being interviewed by some big shot journalist: here is the transcript of the interview:

Big Shot Journalist: You are Italian, why do you write in english?

Gianni: Most of the text is really a distillation of my international experience and I wanted to appeal to a global audience.

BSJ: Why only an ebook?

G: Cheap. Fast. Mashable.

BSJ: Why not free?

G: I don’t believe in free as in “free beer” (thanks, Richard Stallman)

BSJ: Why only 1.99 euros?

G: I know I won’t strike it rich by writing a 50-page booklet, and I think the debate needs to be as widespread as possible, so I did not want price to become an obstacle to diffusion.

BSJ: What are you hoping the outcome of this book will be (other than selling as much as you can, that is)?

G: Selling many copies is important because it will mean that many people will read it; I hope some of these people will take action to foster the discussion on the Digital Self in their country.

BSJ: Are you in favor of Anonymity? Your book seems to advocate the opposite.

G: I am in favor of striking the right balance between the need transparency and authenticity, and the protection of citizens from excessive government snooping, whoever their government may be. Besides, there have been excellent examples of “fakes” without which we would have missed something (e.g Fake Steve Jobs or Mini-Microsoft). It’s a hard balance to strike, and the best compromise can only be achieved through vigorous, public, widespread debate.

BSJ: Half of your book is technical, half is political. Can’t you make up your mind?

G: I don’t really understand either, but I am hoping someone will pick it up where I left.

BSJ: Can I get a free copy?

G: No

BSJ: Then I will not write about it.

G: Get lost, you don’t exist anyway!

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