Cowards !

This chart represents Microsoft stock recent closings:

Screen Shot 2013-08-25 at 11.22.06 AMI guess everybody knows what is the big spike of yesterday, right?

Not a fan of Uncle Fester, never been; however, he has been a staple in my speaker training courses as an example of someone very high up who’s not afraid to risk losing face to make a point. Unless some other self-conscious leader of similar companies, Steve really put all of himself in what he did.

Having said this, capitalism is NOT about complaining about poor performance or whining because Apple is eating your lunch. It’s about kicking in the butt the manager who’s not performing. Or else, shut the fuck up!

If I held MSFT in spades (like some big pension funds I won’t mention) and I thought Ballmer was not adding value, I would have moved in to oust him, not? Today, every MSFT owner is cowardly jumping on the bandwagon and crowing that “they always said Ballmer was the problem”. Steve, I’m with you! Fuck’ em cowards!!

P.S. and about succession, see this: MSFT buys DELL, Michael next CEO. Elop commits suicide.


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