Gone to fruux

fruuxAfter about two weeks of testing (see this post) I have definitely moved everything to fruux; I like the fact they rely on standard DAV protocols to share stuff, hopefully this makes their solution more robust. And of course, I subscribed to the paid service: c’mon, good software deserves support !cardcal

Unfortunately Android does not support DAV natively (why, even Apple does! #fail) but there is a solution in the form of two little Android apps by Marten Gajda (CalDAV-Sync and CardDAV-Sync).

When installing the latter, don’t be a cheapskate and buy the paid  version, as the free one does not support e.g. the Notes field, which in my case is essential as I store there all passwords and PINs. (Blast! That was a secret!!!)

I would like to officially commend also both fruux and Marten for their timely and clear customer support, who helped me sort out little problems along the way. Well done, guys!

P.S. Just as a way to cover my ass (a time-honored practice), I also have exported what I believe to be a clean copy of my Address Book to a .vcf file backed up on Dropbox – in case of emergency, I can open it with Text Editor and search it to fish out a lost telephone number or password. Now, if fruux added the great “Restore from date…” functionality like Soocial had, that would be just bliss…

UPDATE 25-Nov-2013:

fruux released yesterday an Android App which resolves the Android sync problem beautifully and reliably despite the JB issue described above.

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