August tasks

Like every summer, I have set aside a few tasks which need performing during the August slow period:

  1. must resolve the ongoing issue with wifi drops at home – random drops in connectivity are making backups impossible, despite the recent NAS upgrade. I suspect network instability is also the reason why I am still having trouble with Plex. This means I need to pull a network cable from the upper floor down in the TV room to place a second wifi router: luckily when we did the renovation I insisted on a few spare empty cable tubing to be placed, so it is more a matter of finding out where the tube goes;
  2. review the feedback I got on “The Digital Self Manifesto” – I have sent the manuscript to a few people I respect professionally and gotten a VERY diverse set of feedbacks which obviously cannot fit on the same text;
  3. get to bottom of the dry patches in my backyard lawn – this may require a lot of nozzle-changing/tweaking on the sprinklers and possibly – hopefully not – decanter and pump replacement;
  4. renovation of balconies in St.Raphael – when we chose white balusters, we did not anticipate they would moss up and, as a result, they do not look very nice now. I have learned however that you can actually simply apply a coat of white paint;
  5. design and purchase materials for the huge mirror at the back end of the veranda. This is a floor-to-ceiling mirror we took down during the renovation because did not make any sense in the new layout, but I hate to throw away, as it was probably quite expensive, so we figured we could recycle it to hide the garbage bins zone outside the veranda; unfortunately, mirrors are very heavy, esp. when they’re this big, so we need to build a wooden frame that can support the weight;
  6. finalize plans to make our house depend substantially more on renewable energy: I have now received projects from contractors and need to convince a bank to lend me the money I will need (this is all I need to do on this, as obviously the chosen contractor will do the work); I also need to make sure the new energy system allows me a much better (granular) control over consumptions – all I have now is a very un-precise bill and absolutely no way to optimize anything. This must change.
  7. re-rip the circa 1,500 songs eaten by the recent detoxyfication of my music assets (i.e. rip&replace iTunes with Clementine)

Good thing to keep oneself occupied…


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