[Guest post] Alternatives to Soocial

I few days ago I posted on Soocial shutting down their services: the post started a discussion on alternative services, but one of the readers, Claudi, added a thorough review of alternative services.

So thorough, in fact, I thought it deserved a guest post instead of being hidden in the comments. Here it goes.

I looked up the sites proposed by user comment and came to following first conclusions:

conxt.com is still in free Beta for now. It offers organizing/managing/filter your contacts through tags, sending electronic or physical mail directly from the conXt interface, get driving directions, send money to contact, and more but it states also “You may request deletion of your conXt account by sending an e-mail to admin@conXt.com, subject line: ‘Deletion Request’. Please note that some information may remain in our records after deletion of your account”. They could in future charge or make money trough 3rd party sites attached to the service, but also state that they will not sell or otherwise provide any information about you or your contacts to any other business or individual, unless you explicitly allow it.

memotoo.com offers storing of Internet favorites, address book, calendar and documents (incl. FTP access to docs) and also it has reasonable price being 22 EUR for 24 Month. But extremely limited use for free users and has an auto cancellation of data policy after non use in 30 days for free users and after 24 months for paid users. But the bad bit is that it Memotoo reserves itself the right at any time, modify, temporarily or permanently, all or part of this service without having to inform you in advance.

plaxo.com is the most likely choice only for a business as its expensive and every single service has its own cost, apart from basic consolidation of data at Plaxo. Sync costs 60 USD/yr. But it does not sync with Thunderbird or other free or opensource products. Its based in USA.

googlesyncmod.sourceforge.net is opensource, but it does only a twoway sync between Outlook and Google.
It could well be that when google closes itself even more it will not work anymore; see below comment on fruux.com blog.

fruux.com is the second one based on opensource software and it will sync up to 2 shares and up to 2 devices for free. For more the offer a pay plan that is still the cheapest in comparison. And they offer Thunderbird and other syncs that many others including Plaxo do not have. Also i learned interesting news about keeping data within google on their blog. Dominik started fruux back in 2007. He’s a lawyer that writes code and has Amazon subscriptions for stuff that normal people buy in the supermarket. Follow him on Twitter.

kylook.com seemed a nice software too, but maybe only for apple IOs users, as some Andoid users comments on the Google Play Store commented things like “…without asking permission it merged contacts with same first names, creating composites that are taking a long time to unpick”.

!!! Also do not forget, that being bound to german laws, only adds another protective layer, but the internet channels are going trough worldwide and it does not mean the NSA does not sniff into and easily decrypts traffic from it and to it too, the same way they can decript TOR encrypted traffic.
It will come the time when we will have to either accept that we became see trough or we restart using non electronic communication like letter mail and pigeon mail. LOL !!! I wish Snowden good luck: “He has got my love.”

Prism is collection of communications on fiber optic cables and infrastructure as data flows past.
(FAIRVIEW, █████████████, BLARNEY, ███████████)

It’s a brave new world of information mining. Here are a few ways your data are already being collected and put to use, even if you don’t know it.

4 thoughts on “[Guest post] Alternatives to Soocial

  1. Kylook works fine for Android users, but you must use the web site, not the Android app. The Android app is unnecessary, and is what causes contacts to be merged without asking. The web site has a “remove duplicates” functionality, but it not automatic: it works very well, and prompts you on each would-be duplicate, permitting you great control over what, if anything, is merged.

  2. Dabbling with some of the alternatives suggested by Claudi, it looks like I am settling on fruux.com; the setup is super easy and syncs quite well with all my devices. testing continues. Also i am moving all of my calendars there, much easier to manage than Google

  3. Also going with fruux. I like that they are an open source company, they are the people behind the technology that’s also used in ownCloud. Their support so far reacted at the speed of light to my questions and they seem to have a lot planned down the road (crossing my fingers for integration with Google). They seem to be super focused on sync, just like e.g. Dropbox.

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