Facebook hates us!

This is something that crosses the boundaries of my soon to be published “The Digital Self Manifesto” book and the next one “#DamnClients”.

The case is a very simple one: this morning I wanted to post as a comment to someone’s blog a link to something I had posted on Facebook a couple of days ago. When I tried to do this, I realized I did not know HOW to deep-link a specific post, so I vented my frustration asking for help.

One of my friends showed me you actually CAN deep link something from Facebook, but the procedure is so convoluted it deserves to be publicized:

Step 1 – on the status you want to deeplink, click on Share

Step 1Step 2 – right-click the drop down menu to select As a private message

Step 2

Step 3 – now right-click AGAIN to reveal the Operating System drop down menu, from which you can pick the Copy link location option: now you have in your clipboard a link which can be pasted wherever you want.

Step 3So, thank you Dicran for showing me how you do this. But the question is now WHY?

Is it a simple case of stupidity of UI blindness? By the largest Social Network in the world? C’mon!

No, I believe this is a diabolical hybrid between hating your own clients, because they want to do something different from what you want them to do – and in that sense, such a behaviour falls squarely in the scope of #DamnClients  – and not recognizing that their status update is their own property, with which they may desire to do something other than sharing it on Facebook, for example, posting a comment to – God forbid! – a friend’s blog!

Anathema! Climbing over the walled garden and take your (which Facebook regards as not yours, but theirs) stuff with you? Never!  Or, as difficult and counterintuitive as we can make it.

That bit is smack in the middle of  “The Digital Self Manifesto” discussion, so start saving a few euros for this fall.


Claudio showed us there is a shorter (if equally well-hidden) shortcut: right-click on the date/time and the OS drop-down pops up.

Screen Shot 2013-07-04 at 2.21.25 PM

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