Crap! Soocial shutting down

…like, now!

What was wrong with a little advance notice, I say? As a paying customer, I’d have expected some form of smoother transition, or suggestions for alternatives instead of “We could pretend this is painful but in reality we’re only too keen to move on!”

Screen Shot 2013-07-01 at 5.16.21 PM

Good for ya, fellows! You could also pretend you care for the people who were your customers, but obviously you don’t give a rat’s ass! If you ever thought I could start using Viadeo, well, think again!

If this is some novel, direct “everybody-thinks-this-at-least-we’re-honest” approach, then accept some equally direct feedback: it sucks!

24 thoughts on “Crap! Soocial shutting down

  1. Any suggestions for a replacement? I was thrilled to finally find Soocial, because before that I was never able to find a decent solution to syncing the contacts of two Gmail accounts.

    • At, you can select which contacts you will sync with each device or email account! Manage up to 5.000 contacts! This is a German company, so your data will be safe. Try it! And this for FREE!

  2. I’m not sure, but I think you can use the WEB-Version and sync with the iPhone or iPad. Via iCloud your iPhone/iPad will be sync with your Mac!

    • yeah, me too – will have to change the hierarchy, i.e. I have set up GMail sync and now establishing iPad sync via the app; then I will leave my Android phone to sync with GMail though Google Sync. Doing my first iPad sync as I write this

      • Hey, Kylook, sync with GMail went smoothly, but the first sync with my iPad is stuck at 200 records (about 15% of total). Anything I can try / doing wrong?

  3. I looked up the sites proposed by user comment and came to following first conclusions: is still in free Beta for now. It offers organizing/managing/filter your contacts through tags, sending electronic or physical mail directly from the conXt interface, get driving directions, send money to contact, and more but it states also “You may request deletion of your conXt account by sending an e-mail to, subject line: ‘Deletion Request’. Please note that some information may remain in our records after deletion of your account”. They could in future charge or make money trough 3rd party sites attached to the service, but also state that they will not sell or otherwise provide any information about you or your contacts to any other business or individual, unless you explicitly allow it. offers storing of Internet favorites, address book, calendar and documents (incl. FTP access to docs) and also it has reasonable price being 22 EUR for 24 Month. But extremely limited use for free users and has an auto cancellation of data policy after non use in 30 days for free users and after 24 months for paid users. But the bad bit is that it Memotoo reserves itself the right at any time, modify, temporarily or permanently, all or part of this service without having to inform you in advance. is the most likely choice only for a business as its expensive and every single service has its own cost, apart from basic consolidation of data at Plaxo. Sync costs 60 USD/yr. But it does not sync with Thunderbird or other free or opensource products. Its based in USA. is opensource, but it does only a twoway sync between Outlook and Google.
    It could well be that when google closes itself even more it will not work anymore; see below comment on blog. is the second one based on opensource software and it will sync up to 2 shares and up to 2 devices for free. For more the offer a pay plan that is still the cheapest in comparison. And they offer Thunderbird and other syncs that many others including Plaxo do not have. Also i learned interesting news about keeping data within google on their blog Dominik started fruux back in 2007. He’s a lawyer that writes code and has Amazon subscriptions for stuff that normal people buy in the supermarket. Follow him on Twitter seemed a nice software too, but maybe only for apple IOs users, as some Andoid users comments on site commented things like “…without asking permission it merged contacts with same first names, creating composites that are taking a long time to unpick”.

    !!! Also do not forget, that beeing bound to german laws, only adds another protective layer, but the internet channels are going trough worldwide and it does not mean the NSA does not sniff into and easily decripts traffic from it and to it too, the same way they can decript TOR encrypted traffic.
    It will come the time when we will have to either accept that we became see trough or we restart using non electronic communication like letter mail and pigeon mail. LOL !!!
    I wish Snowden good luck: “He has got my love.”
    Prism is collection of communications on fiber optic cables and infrastructure as data flows past.
    (FAIRVIEW, █████████████, BLARNEY, ███████████)

    It’s a brave new world of information mining. Here are a few ways your data are already being collected and put to use, even if you don’t know it.

    • Holy shmoly, Claudi, your review deserves a guest post! Also, you seem to have quite an interest on the matter, would you like to be a reviewer of my book The Digital Self Manifesto coming out in the fall? I’d appreciate your feedback

  4. I have tried Kylook and I am thinking I may stop using it.

    I use it to sync my Yahoo and Google contacts so this may not apply to how you would use it. I previously had been using soocial although I find it only about 1.5 months ago so I don’t know how good it was compared to kylook.

    I use Yahoo my primary location for contacts. I have an Android phone that works with Yahoo contacts but not as well having your contacts with a Gmail account.

    With soocial I was able to remove my yahoo contacts from my phone and use my google/gmail account. In soocial (and kylook) I was able to sync my 2 online accounts together and without intervention and changes on one would change it on the other. Since my google online account got modified my phone’s contacts were updated which is what is supposed to happen. One nice thing was that I did not need to install a separate Android app since everything was happening in the cloud. I don’t know if syncing only happened when I logged in to the website or if soocial would do it for me without me being logged in. I mention this because kylook only syncs if you are logged in (website or android app). I installed the Android app but I uninstalled it right away. I did not want another app running and having another account that might interfere with my contacts.

    At this moment I don’t see my google account as one of my accounts to sync. I added it when I started. I don’t know what happened. I do have my yahoo account displayed but I added a contact to my yahoo contacts but it is not showing up in Kylook.

      • I know this is an old string, but I have a a couple of questions. I am looking to have my wife and I share our contacts on 2 separate gmail accounts:
        – do you still recommend fruux?
        – If I have the 2 gmail accounts linked with fruux, plaxo or even kylook, why would I need to use an app on any device? wouldn’t gmail take care of that on it’s own?


      • Absolutely yes. Fruux has been performing flawlessly for me; the only problem you will have is the need to occasionally dedupe some name.
        Not sure I understand your other Q. Gmail will take care of email address book, but you also want your names to appear on your telephone AB, right?

      • Thanks for the reply. I was wondering if I needed to install some sort of app on the devices to manage the syncing of contacts, since the syncing would be taking place in the cloud (via the gmail accounts), and the phones would pick up any changes via the gmail account directly.

      • No, the system works by creating a CalDav and CardDav outputs to which you subscribe your various devices; this is the list of supported systems / devices (as well as Google, of course)

        I will be the first to admit that a mixed environment (Mac OS X, Gmail and Android phone) is looking for trouble, but it works 98% for me.

        Also not dissing Kylook at all, but fruux performed better for me.

    • Soocial updated and synchronized automatically. Kylook only syncs when you log into their web site (you do not need to manually sync, but you do need to manually log into the web site). I do not use the Kylook Android app, because too many people have reported problems with it.

  5. “Plaxo boasts the oldest and the wealthiest users, statistics that unsurprisingly go hand in hand.”

    I have tried Plaxo and it’s free for basic sync. They have been around for a long time and seems like they are not going away like other address book sync services. I think I trust them the most to keep my contacts safe and not SHUT DOWN ON ME!!!

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