Smart move, Jeff!

Amazon started offering something called AutoRip, which has nothing to do with prayers or passing out, but it’s the answer to the thing that bugs me in media: I want the convenience of digital music & videos, but I also want the actual CD, DVD, Blu Ray – whatever.

Currently, I must do this myself, which means I don’t: my iTunes Music Library got damaged (reason why I stopped using iTunes) and as a result 2,000 of my legally purchased 5,000 songs must be re-ripped by hand, a sore pain in the neck.

Well, from now on, every AutoRip CD you buy from Amazon comes with the MP3 file attached:

Screen Shot 2013-06-28 at 10.35.28 AMThe test will be how many albums will have the “Fast Forward” icon attached to it – I hope many!

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