#DamnClients 4

Ring! Ring!

Me: “Hello”

Young call centre lady: “Hello, I am calling because we are giving away photovoltaic panels, it’s a promotion”

Me: “What do you mean, you give them away?”

Her: “You don’t pay for them!”

Me: “You mean I don’t pay because I get back my investments through savings, right?”

Her: “Well, sort of this, yes”

Me: “I thought so; well, I happen to be on the market for a complex system involving photovoltaic, heat pumps, climatisation, so send your guy in”

Her: “Thanks”

{A week later} Knock, knock!

Me: “Come in, have a look!”

Salesman: “Hello – before we start, can I also speak to your wife?”

Me: “Well yes, but… why?”

Him: “It’s our procedure”

Me: “I see. Here she is. Anyway, what information do you need?”

Him: “I’m here to see whether you qualify for our promotion for photovoltaic panels, I need your name, address, tax code and average yearly electricity spend.”

Me: “Is that all you need to prepare a quote? I haven’t told you anything about heating, or anything else I want to achieve, you haven’t seen the house, how can such a quote ever be right?”

Him: {this is pure comedy} “Sir, we are experts. I will see you in 15 days with the quote, but next time, please have your wife in attendance, because you will need to make a decision.”

Me: “I can’t make a decision like that on the spot, send me the quote beforehand, and if I am interested we’ll talk”

On a scale from 0 to 10, how likely do you think it is that I buy anything from these people?


2 thoughts on “#DamnClients 4

  1. well… I would say 9 or 9.5… Am IO right, my Dear Gianni??
    Bien à toi and good luck with Photovoltaïc;I had exactly the same exchange one week ago in Annecy….

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