Book review: “La sposa del Boia” (by Mauro Gandini)

I have known Mauro for very many years, and as usual, I would never suspect he was the narrative type. Yet he is.

I downloaded “La sposa del boia” on the basis of this long knowledge, after I saw a post on Facebook as I was curious to see how someone like Mauro performs in a narrative role. The answer is he does quite well.

The short novel is smooth reading in what I consider very clean and good language (something I ALWAYS appreciate) and its representation of ancient (but we don’t know how ancient) Torino quite compelling: not as fastidiously researched as in Eco’s books who also wants you to know what an erudite (and pompous) professor he is. Mauro is quite the opposite, and he never feels like he’s strutting what’s obviously a very good knowledge of those times.

There are more novels here – I don’t really know if he has plans to become a full time writer and have no clue where his inspiration comes from, but I will not ask him, as honestly I feel I have no entitlement to question him.

His writing is obviously very different from my own –  always utilitarian, almost like if by committing something to written form, I can clear up some brain shelves for other stuff. Mauro’s writing gives instead the impression of someone thoroughly enjoying it, something that translates in entertainment value for the reader.


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