Google Plus, the network that won’t die

You gotta hand it to Google: they have stamina. Despite all the harsh criticism about Google+ being the largest phantom network, lack of interaction, blah, blah blah, they keep chugging and working on it to make it better.

The last improvement I noticed is the nice and smooth integration between pictures and events, frankly so much better than what you have in Facebook; in general, although painful and in leaps and bounds, the Picasa subsuming into Google+ photos has been a positive one, offering more functionality and a better UI.

I still wish they separated visually better the non-shared pictures from the Albums and also that you could simply drag pics from the newly uploaded bin into albums; I am also tempted to turn on automatic uploads, but I hesitate because last time I did it turned into a nightmare of autouploads conflicts between Dropbox and G+ so bad I had to turn everything off.

In general I wish G+ did not espouse so egregiously the philosophy of walled gardens: once you are there, you are in complete dead end: for example, no way to pin a pic to a Pinterest board (other than bookmarklet, of course).

This stubborness is refusing to let G+ die is a positive trait, I think, and reminds me of the positive stubborness of Microsoft in making Windows incrementally better. That’s what it takes!

P.S. didn’t Microsoft have a social network called Socl? Whatever happened to it?


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