Hey you, fuckers!

Yes, energy companies, I’m talking to you!

ENEL, ENI, Sorgenia, GDF Suez, the whole lot. For years and years you ignored me, happily screwing me back and forth and now not 24 hours go by without one of you calling me to offer me yet another “lowest price on the market”.

Salesmen knock on my door every single day – when you hear which company I use (regardless) your eyes roll and you exclaim: “Not them!”. You are turning a whole generation of kids into snake oil salesmen, shameless liars who peddle your goods without any remorse or consideration for me, the user, because they’re paid on commission.

If this is your way to calm the hatred that grows in me every time I see the obscene profits which you achieve with the complicity of governments and car manufacturers, you got it wrong!

If this is your way to soothe the frustration I feel for not being able to figure out how your prices are calculated, you got it wrong!

If this is your way to address the humiliation festering in me because I am unable to fight back your gouging practices in any effective way, you got it wrong!

Your liberal abuse of absurd, obfuscating, one-sided, unfair business practices has achieved parity with the shit standard set by telcos and banks, and you gotta burn in the same enterprise hell as them.

My search for a retaliation measure that will cause you as much pain as you have caused to me in these years is more active than ever, and you can be sure that when I find it (and I am very close) you will hear about it alongside all those who know me, far and near.


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