Geek identity

There is a lot of interest on this, so I am posting the full information.

I recently purchased an utterly useless (and therefore absolutely necessary) ornament, i.e. this pair of custom QR-code cufflinks:

20130607_135654In case you’re not familiar with QR codes, they are essentially graphical URLs – say you want to promote a page (maybe your blog, or your page, or your own website). Then:

  1. generate the QR code which translates the URL of the page (for example here)
  2. download the JPG or PNG file of the QR code
  3. attach it to your order to have your very own pair of geeky cufflinks. I bought mine from Etsy, but Olaf spotted another guy who makes them
  4. now when you are at a party, instead of asking some hottie for her phone number, you can simply exhibit your cufflinks and wait for the geeky fascination to run its course (mmmm, not ?)

Should someone be interested, I am slowly accumulating some other items in this same category in this Pinterest board

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