#DamnClients 2

I have small aspirations.

I do not like piracy: every single song I have has been dutifully purchased and at a little less than 4,000, my collection is really not that large. I am also a little fetishist, so I buy CDs and do my own ripping at the best bitrate allowed by software, so the 4,000 songs make for about 25 GB of data.

All I want to do with this music is the following:

  1. store it on my NAS, so it’s backed up
  2. pull to my various devices (4 iPods, one iPhone, one iPad) all or part of it
  3. play it from any computer in my network

Not too difficult, right?

Except wrestling control of my music from evil iTunes ain’t so easy, courtesy of the many ways Apple locks you in.

First of all, I am now attempting to regain control over music I have lawfully acquired using Sharepod, which is excellent to extract files from an iPod and adding them back to iTunes. I am then shifting music management from iTunes to Clementine, a great open source alternative to one of the most sub-functional pieces of bloatware Apple has ever producd. Clementine, itself derived from Amarok, a popular Linux music manager, is by contrast simple and intuitive: when you want a song on your iPod, you just copy it there. Yes, no fucking auto sync that does stuff without you knowing.

The next step is an assessment of the database itself, how complete it is, and whether I must rebuild it. This is one of the instances where I am oh so happy I also have all the CDs, if worse comes to the worst…

Then I must get rid of all the presets and defaults that invoke iTunes for every damn operation that deals with music, to try to extirpate if not iTunes (I do not think it is possible) at least its use.


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