100 richest

Bloomberg curates a very nice interactive infographic telling us a lot of information about the wee bit top of the pyramid, i.e. the world’s 100 richest people. You will be relieved to know that Bill Gates has reclaimed the crown from Carlos Slim, thanks to Microsoft’s stock budging from the low 30s (finally) and the mexican cellular carrier shares taking a nosedive due to some profit-slashing new legislature.

These 100 people are collectively worth $2,100B (or about the whole GDP of my country). but although tech stocks like Microsoft, Facebook, Oracle or Google have propelled their founders into cosmic wealth, the single largest contributor to this ranking is low tech Wal-Mart Stores, whose value is enough to put four of the Walton heirs in the top 12, for a combined net worth of about $120B.

If you’d like to play with the infographic, click on the pic.

Screen Shot 2013-05-17 at 8.38.41 PM







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