Contacts madness (2 – resolution)

A couple of weeks ago I voiced my frustration at not being able to achieve a stable sync of my various address books. Unable to stand the uncertainty in now knowing if a password or a user ID is correct (also helped by the recent loss of almost every identity-related item), I decided to takle the issue and get to a resolution.

I mentioned I use a Pro account of what I believe is the best cross-platform for contacts syncing out there, Soocial, and with the help of their support (thanks Bart !) I did the following to achieve contact Nirvana: first, removed all the sources except the Mac, then added them back one at the time until I found that the offending connection was the Android one, which essentially duplicates (and conflicts with) the sync that happens between my Google account and the Android phone. It should NOT, but it does.

To avoid this problem, this is the full procedure:

  1. add all the sources – EXCEPT the Android phone
  2. stop sync on Soocial from the Preferences screen
  3. reset Sync Services  on Mac (
  4. reset Soocial for the Mac:
    • Go to the Soocial client Preferences screen
    • Make sure the client is OFF, but logged in
    • Hit the “Reset” button.
    • Turn client ON
  5. enable Google Sync on phone (settings – accounts – Google – make sure “contacts” are checked)
  6. clean up the set manually – easiest on the Mac Address Book
  7. wait for changes to propagate

You may have to do some minor cleaning on Android as deletions do not propagate as seamlessly. Did I mention already how pissed I am at this obvious lack of control of my Digital Self?

Perhaps yes.


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