Waiting for the first book to come out, I am starting to collect materials for #3 which may actually become #2 for a number of reasons.

The working title is “#DamnClients” and is inspired by “Klotenklanten” by Egbert Jan van Bel, a longtime friend and colleague from Amsterdam.

The subject will be the many ways in which companies harass their clients in the more or less comforting knowledge that there is very little the harassed clients can do except churn away.

The book will attempt to give a voice to these disgruntled clients through a number of real life cases demonstrating how the company – while stating forcefully to “focus on the client” or to put “clients first” is instead only focused on itself.

These are the same companies who complain they can’t keep their clients, or carping about how much money they must spend just to stand still.

Do you have a good story of how your Bank, your Airline, your Government, your Telco, your Utility company hates you? I would love to hear about it, shout out on Twitter with the #DamnClients hash.


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