#DamnClients 1

Ring, ring!

Wind: “Hello this is Wind credit management, your last invoice got unpaid.”

Gianni: “So surprised, can you check out what is the payment method I have?”

“Not sure I can, oh, wait yes, I can: it was on your MasterCard”

“That explains it; this card got stolen and I had it replaced”

“This is urgent now or we’ll cut off service. We tried contacting you before…”

“Yes, I know; you called the number for this contract which is my wife’s number, but would not tell her what the problem was, nor would leave a number to call back”

“Exactly, we can only speak with the contract’s owner”

“How do I change the payment method?”

“You must call Customer Service, dial 155 or visit 155.it”

“Is this not Customer Service I am talking to?”

“No Sir, this is credit management”

“OK, but I do not want service to be interrupted, can I pay the outstanding invoice by credit card?”

“You sure can!”

“But not here”


“OK will do. Good bye”

“Good bye”

So I dial 155, press “1” for “mobile line”, then “2” for “information on billing”, “2” again for “Information on payment method” but dang!:

“This service is temporarily unavailable, please call later.”

Fuckers! Now I visit 155.it, enter my credentials and get to  my “Client page”:

Screen Shot 2013-05-07 at 11.54.28 AM

The simple “Pay my invoice now” button does not exist; 99% of the site real estate is dedicated to Wind’ own offering and packages. There is even a space to watch TV commercials: they must genuinely believe them to be so entertaining that people would say:

“My dear what do you want to do tonight?”

“Darling, let’s go on the Internet and watch some Wind commercials”

“Oh, you’re always so full of fun ideas!”

I cannot believe this, and spend at least an hour clicking on every damn fucking link on the page, to no avail. Log out, then log in again (two times) until I finally (for no discernible reason) get to a different page:

Screen Shot 2013-05-07 at 12.22.48 PMThis makes a little more sense; still 99% for them, 1% for me, but at least I see a “Your profile” link and “Subscription” which – two levels down – hides the precious “Pay your invoice now” link.

Wind, why do you hate me?


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