Contacts madness

Keeping my contacts synchronized across a bevy of devices has always been a thorn in my side. The need to store my passwords somewhere handy (at last count, I had 104 separate passwords – yes, many of them the same!) forced me to use my Address Book, but to keep it updated is a nightmare I  do not seem to overcome. True, I may have a somewhat oversize footprint:

  • two Macs
  • one Android phone
  • one iPad
  • one GMail account

A while back I started using (and paying for) Soocial, which seemed to have a good enough track record, but the solution was not so smooth: loops caused contact numbers to balloon, and despite the help of Soocial support I finally resolved to cut off the GMail account which seemed the cause of the problem.

Also the render on the Android phone was never good, with contacts splitting into multiple records and deletions failing to propagate correctly.

To top it all,  roughly a couple of weeks ago I started losing records for no apparent reason; when today I restored my Contacts from a couple of weeks ago (“Restore from date” is a feature worth its weight in gold) and checked out the “sources” which is how Soocial defines the various devices it syncs to, I saw this message:


WTF, people at Soocial? I am using on my Android phone the app you made available on the Google Play Store, if half of your development team is located eighteen months in the future, I certainly have no knowledge of it.

So I have tried uninstalling and reinstalling the Android client, but nothing changed as far as the version of software is concerned, so I am emailing this also to, hoping they can shed some light…


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