Only so much writing one can do

…and I must deliver draft 1 of my book to my co-author by april 20, so I am pulling all stops to make this deadline. It turns out that the current page count is about the smallest I could achieve: the 100-odd slides converted to a little more than 150 pages, but it is fair to say that readability on ebook devices like an iPad (despite the gorgeous Retina screen) requires huge typefaces: my book was written in a very elegant 22-point Didot and Hiragino Kaku Gothic. When I tried smaller typefaces reading turned out to be a stress, so I went with the easier option.

The process of writing a book does a great deal to place things in their appropriate context and connect thoughts: I look forward to receiving the granular feedback this ebook allows and which I am hoping at least some readers will want to share.

It also helped me to make the decision to place the whole matter of identity, privacy and the tradeoff between data access and contextualized experience into its proper importance, leading to the decision to completely expunge it from this book (and perhaps seeding the sows for another one). Sometimes less really IS more, after all.

My last but not least thought: using book authoring software is not without its frustrations, but at the end of the day it was mostly a rewarding experience, although there is a lot that remains to be done: I could list at least 10 widgets I would like to see, but don’t exist, yet. Maybe I should finally learn CSS and HTML5 – or maybe not.

I am really excited about the endless possibilities that books have now, and the much richer experience that reading has become.


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