This is becoming an embarrassing situation, and it risks getting out of hand so, here’s the news: I am writing a book.

It is going to be a boring essay on Social Media, and although I have decided on a book plan and wrote about 30% of it, there are a number on things which are unclear. I may have a publisher, but we may not agree on the format of the book itself (they say paper, I say eBook).

The editing thing is up in the air; the language also, but what I have written so far is in english and I am certainly not going to fucking translate it! Also I have a title I am in love with, but a friend who’s published several books already told me publishers fight tooth and nail over titles and I am not sure I am prepared to give in; OTOH they may love my title, or I may love theirs, or maybe my friend is lousy at titles. I’ll cross that bridge when I get to it.

The bottom line is it may not ever happen, but even if it doesn’t it (get published) I am writing it anyway because it will be an excellent exercise to pull everything together.

The reason for the disclaimer is that I am trying to give myself a little discipline, reserving blocks (half days) of time for writing because I discovered that while editing is fine when I have a spare half-hour, to write I must get myself into a sort of concentration that requires some time. Funny, isn’t it, but this is one of the many fundamental differences between a book and a blog.

So I bounced a couple of appointments, felt a bit shy about saying why and made up nonexistent client commitments, then felt bad about such a gratuitous lie and felt it’s easier to explain in writing than in person.



One thought on “Confess

  1. Tried myself with a book and you are absolutely right: it takes time to get in’form’ to write, it is not like with kind of press releases or such things. Anyway, hold on!

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