Today I discovered that, despite user’ reluctance, Picasa Web Albums essentially does not exist anymore: you can still browse your pictures, but not much else – all the editing and organizing functionality has been transferred over to G+ Pics, another effort by Google to twist our arms into using the largest Ghost Town social network on the planet, and yet another sign of how little we control our Digital Self.

I cannot really say I mourn Picasa which was never much in terms of user interface and navigation, but I had srt of grown accustomed to it. More than anything I will miss the absence of the continuous “Share with your friends” pressure that’s so characteristic of G+, as Google is bending over backwards to demonstrate how active are its G+ users.

These devious sharing buttons are everywhere and are always the default choice – you must look hard for a “Cancel” button, with the result many users will think “Cancel” applies to whatever it is they were trying to do and not to the obnoxious hypersharing mode.

Having said that, hypersharing would be annoying if somebody WAS actually looking at his stream. Since not many people are, the problem is more a principle one than a real one.


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