It did not take long…

Mr. Grillo, un-Leader of the Five Star Movement (M5S) has already discovered he does not control shit.

During the ballot to elect the Chairman of the Senate (upper chamber), some M5S senators voted for the leftist candidate, allowing him to carry the ballot.

As vote for the Senate Chairman is secret, there is no way to know who voted for whom unless they come out; even so, senators are elected individually and not as members of a party, so the mr. Grillo’s threat of expulsion rings pretty hollow.

But, while mr. Grillo’s vehement populist rhetoric does not appeal to me, I recognise he had the merit of renewing the italian ruling class; I have instead a much lower opinion of his advisor mr. Casaleggio, just another self-appointed guru who’s learning the hard way how little he understands of Internet-time dynamics: top-down control hardly matches bottom-up activism.

So long, guru!


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