Yes, I feel a little greener today.

My colleagues at work know how much I loathe wires and cables and connectors – “wireless” for me is an aspirational state of mind; like most other human beings on Sol’s third planet I had to accept the fact that most wireless devices require a tether for charging, leading me to use disposable batteries for many of my devices, with the obvious guilt feeling as I watch my pile of exhausted batteries grow.

Well, my battery consumption is about to drop like a rock, as I purchased Magic Feet, a totally stupid name for a ridiculously overpriced dock-like implement which can wirelessly charge (induction, I presume) my keyboard and mouse, with a third “place” for this soon-to-be-purchased universal spare battery.

Screen Shot 2013-03-08 at 10.52.29 AM

Now, it should not be beyond comprehension that for us unwashed masses a standard for induction charging is useful and practical: as I am using my mouse, why can’t I charge my phone?

But this is an industry that took a decade to get rid of vendor-specific chargers, so I am not that hopeful.


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