Calendar blues

Seems incredible that a simple task like getting a somewhat reliable clandar spanning across my various devices and platforms has so far eluded me, thanks to the quirky lock-in features that various vendors impose on us.

Simply stated, I want to be able to read and edit and sync entries on:

  • Google Calendar (web)
  • Calendar on Desktop OS X
  • Calendar app on iPad
  • Calendar app on Android
  • Travel schedules from Tripit

and I want to have the same bloody color across all of them: orange for personal items, blue for business and green for travel.

The solution I found so far is the following:

  1. base everything on Google calendars
  2. use the native Calendar apps on OS X and iOS, and the Google Calendar app on Android
  3. ignore iCloud syncing
  4. sync the Tripit calendar DIRECTLY into OS X and iOS (subscribe to the .ICS feed)
  5. add the .ICS feed as a separate calendar on GoogleScreen Shot 2013-03-04 at 12.30.52 PM Cal using the “Add by URL” option and assigning the same color

Not the most elegant, as the Tripit feed gets split into two different streams, but I haven’t noticed any dupes or missing items so far or calendaring / scheduling errors.


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